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University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan


Student Employment

Students must be enrolled at UW Sheboygan or have been accepted for such enrollment for any on-campus employment.  Work Study Students must be enrolled at least half time; Regular Student Payroll Students must be enrolled for at least three (3) credits. Students are limited to 20 hours a week during periods of enrollment.

Preference will always be given to hiring Work Study elegible students
before hiring Regular Student Payroll students.

Prior to any student employment on campus, students must have a completed I-9 Form on file, along with a photo ID and a copy of their Social Security card, Birth Certificate or Visa.

All students receiving Federal Work Study and regular student employment positions on the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan campus are subject to a criminal background check.

Federal Work-Study Employment

Federal Work-Study is a need-based aid program that is awarded to students who have submitted their FAFSA by the priority date and have demonstrated financial need.  This program is available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States.  Work-study earnings are considered taxable income and treated just like any other employment when completing tax returns.  Work-study earnings are, however, not considered as income when you re-apply for financial aid the next year and are not subject to FICA withholdings.

Federal Work-Study employment is performed on campus with work schedules set up around classes.  Students who receive a Federal Work-Study allocation as a part of the financial aid package are eligible to apply for work-study jobs.  Students can earn up to the amount listed on their Award Letter.

NOTE: Proceeds from Federal Work-Study employment are paid with funds directly deposited to the student's savings or checking account based on their number of hours worked and are not automatically subtracted from the student bill.


Regular Student Payroll Employment

Students do not need to have work study or display financial need to apply.

All on-campus students are paid with funds directly deposited to their savings or checking accounts based on their number of hours worked.

Below is a list of possible departments and areas that may have student positions available in the coming academic year. (To determine if you are ELIGIBLE for Federal Work Study, please see Vince Arenal in Business Services.

To apply for a position, access the Student Employment Application Form, print a copy of the form, and submit to the Business Services Office. For more information about a department or a possible position, please see the list below and contact Vince Arenal for more information.


On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

Fine Arts Department
Job Description: Work with Fine Arts Gallery Director and Art Department to prepare, hang and clean artwork for Gallery exhibits and other tasks as assigned.

Job Description: Work with Athletics Director to staff home games for volleyball, basketball, soccer and tennis.

Business Services Office Assistant
Job Description: Assist the Business Services Office in daily tasks of cashiering, staffing front desk, answer customer questions, resolve customer problems, etc. Must be able to multi-task and have excellent customer service skills.

Box Office Manager

Job Description: Coordinate ticket sales, staff box office, provide assistance during scheduled shows and other tasks as assigned.

Job Description: Serve as a lab assistant and assist Chemistry instructors as needed during laboratory sessions.

Center of Engagement Learning
Job Description: Assist the education office in mailings, correspondence, answering phones and other duties as assigned.

Commons Cafe
Job Description: Assist Food Services Manager with food sales, preparation, etc. in the Commons.

Cyber Café in the Loft
Work in the campus cyber café mainly afternoon and early evening hours. Serve coffee, beverages and light snacks.

Coffee Cart
Serve coffee and light snacks to get students through the day at the Coffee Cart; typically open in the mornings and later afternoons in the Acuity Building Lobby

IT Student Employee
Job Description: Students will assist campus Information Technology staff with technical support of DE classes, troubleshooting and repairing hardware problems, help desk support for student computer labs, desktop support for faculty, staff, and students and other responsibilities as assigned.

Job Description: Assist patrons at circulation desk; support Library staff with daily library support work such as check in/out library materials; shelve books, newspapers and magazines; retrieve back issues of magazines; stamp, label and tape new materials

Maintenance Department
Job Description: Assist maintenance staff in building and grounds upkeep including, but not limited to, the following: mowing and trimming grass, painting, moving furniture, light landscaping, tree trimming and bush control.

America Reads/Counts Program
Job Description: Work with K-5 elementary school age students off campus. Listen to students read, guide students using reading strategies and guide students in math skills.

Student Services Office Assistant
Job Description: Staff front desk in Student Services Office, answer student questions regarding application/enrollment and registration processes, update bulletin board, answer telephone, give campus tours, prepare information packets, registration processing, typing, filing, and general office duties.

Pre-College Coach
Job Description: Assisting Pre-College Advisor in planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating the students in the Pre-College program, serve as a role model to students, chaperone student field trips, respond to students’ concerns and behaviors, and act a liaison between students and Pre-College Advisor.

Peer Tutor in Student Success Center
Job Description: Provide academic support that supplements classroom instruction to students through individual or small group tutoring sessions, create a positive and encouraging environment, communicate with instructors where necessary and model appropriate academic and social behavior.

Note Taker
Job Description: Take lecture notes in one or more of your classes on behalf of another student who is receiving accommodations through the University. Must be approved by faculty member and meet with the Student Success Center Advisor.
Rate of pay: $25 per credit lump-sum at end of semester

Job Description: Assistant Director/ Stage Manager needed for spring and fall shows. This person will help with auditions, rehearsals and running performances from back stage.

University Relations
Job Description: Work with University Relations Director to complete marketing and PR-related activities, including writing editing, designing, campus postings, giving tours, performing administrative tasks, etc.