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University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan

How to Register

Once you have applied with UW-Sheboygan and are admitted, you are ready to register. Registration is the process of enrolling in courses each semester. An advisor will help you select classes to fit your individual course of study. The schedule of classes and specific information on the time, dates and places of registration are available from the Student Affairs Office.

Adding Courses

The schedule of classes and specific information on the time, dates and places of registration are available from the Student Affairs Office. Appointments for scheduling should be made prior to registration by contacting the Student Affairs Office.

Concurrent Registration

You may enroll in courses at more than one UW Colleges campus, and more than one UW System campus. However, in order to do so, you must obtain permission from the Assistant Campus Dean for Student Affairs. If you enroll at more than one UW campus, the number of credits you take is combined to determine your status, either full or part time, and your fees and tuition assessment. You must present proof of fees paid and courses and credits being taken. If you are enrolled full time in one institution, a second campus will assess no additional fees. If you are not enrolled full time at the first campus, the second campus will charge a per-credit rate until the full-time credit plateau is reached. The full-time rate will not be less than the lowest, nor more than the highest, full-time rate of the campuses involved. You should consult with the UW-Sheboygan Student Affairs Office and Business Services Office for information about concurrent registration.

Registration Hold Policy

If you have an outstanding obligation to the UW-Sheboygan, UW Colleges, or any UW System institution (e.g., you owe a fine, money, materials, or financial aid), a hold will be placed on your educational records. The hold will prohibit you from registering in the future and you will not be able to receive a transcript of your academic record.

UW Independent Study

UW-Sheboygan students may enroll in an independent study course (correspondence course) through UW-Extension if the course is not offered at UW-Sheboygan and if the UW-Extension Independent Study catalog indicates the course is offered for university degree credit, or if the course is high school level algebra or geometry. Students will be expected to complete the correspondence course at the same time as their regular UW-Sheboygan semester courses. Full-time students may take one UW-Extension course at no extra cost other than fees for text materials bought through UW-Extension and a small registration fee. The fee for the course will be waived if:

  • Full load tuition fees at UW-Sheboygan and other UW System campus are paid;
  • Total credits do not exceed 18 or the maximum allowed by the UW-Sheboygan; and
  • Written permission has been obtained from the Assistant Campus Dean for Student Affairs to take the course.

UW-Extension correspondence course fee waiver registrations are accepted only after semester fees have been paid and no later than the end of the second week of classes. Such registrations are not accepted during summer session. Contact the Student Affairs Office for an independent study list and appropriate forms.

Late Registration

You may register late, observing the same regulations as for adding courses. Late registration is subject to any late registration charge in effect under Regent policy.

Dropping Courses

A course or courses may be dropped by completing the Drop Form during the first 10 weeks of a semester-long course, the first five weeks of an eight-week course, or a proportionate time for shorter courses. The signature of the course instructor is needed to drop the course. The form must be received in the Student Affairs Office by the deadline date published in the campus timetable. The date the completed form is returned to the Student Affairs Office is the effective date used for official records and billing. Refund amounts for withdrawal can be found on the Business Services Office website.

If a course is dropped after the second week of classes, a grade of “W” will be recorded on the student's official record. UW-Sheboygan may administratively drop a student if that student does not attend the first class sessions in a semester. Please note: A student can drop all but the last class on his or her own. Then a withdrawl form is needed, available in the Student Affairs Office.

If you received financial aid this semester, the date you notified the UW Colleges of your intent to withdraw will be used to determine the amount of any repayment that you may owe. Any student withdrawing prior to the 60 percent point of the term should expect to have to repay financial aid in a percentage roughly equivalent to the percentage of the term not in attendance. After the 60 percent point, no aid has to be repaid.

For additional information, please contact:

UW-Sheboygan Student Affairs Office
University of Wisconsin Sheboygan
One University Drive
Sheboygan, WI 53081-4789 USA

Telephone:(920) 459-6633
Fax: (920) 459-6602