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University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan

Campus Map

  1. ACUITY Technology Center (Offices 1000-1299) -- University Library, DE/CV/Wisline Web classrooms, IT offices, conference rooms
  2. Main Building (Offices and Classrooms 2000-2299)-- Student Services Office, Business Services Office, Center for Engagement Learning, Upward Bound, University Relations, Dean's Office/Administration, Wombat Room, WSCS
  3. Main Building Classrooms (Offices and Classrooms 3000-3299)-- Student Government/Clubs Office, Instructional Computer Labs, UW-S Foundation Office, Student Success Center, General Classrooms
  4. Student Commons (Offices and Classrooms 4000-4299) -- Commons Area, Cafeteria, Bookstore, Student Organization Room, Cyber Cafe, Vending Machines)
  5. Learning Resources Building (Offices and Classrooms 5000-5299) -- UW Extension Offices, Faculty Offices, Distance Ed and Videoconferening Rooms, and classrooms
  6. Brotz Science Building (Offices and Classrooms 6000-6299) -- Science Lecture Hall, Science Labs for Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geography, Faculty Offices, Vending Machines and Study Lounge
  7. Fine Arts Building (Offices and Classrooms 7000-7199) -- University Theatre, Fine Arts Gallery, art studios, music rooms and classrooms
  8. Physical Education Building (Offices and Classrooms 8000-8099)-- Gymnasium, Workout/Weight Room, Coaches' offices, Athletic Director's office
  9. Maintenance Building

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